I’m Going To Fix Up My Oddity Cabinet I Have Up In My Room And Add Some New Things To It, Including Some Stuff My Friends Gave Me! <3

So Far I Have:

+ A Old Doll I Found When I Was In Middle School By Some Old Scary Man’s House. She Was Naked, Her Hair Scalped And Her Face Distorted And Her Nipples And Crouch Crossed Out With A Sharpie!

+ Old Vintage Porcelain Clown Dolls I Have Had For As Long As I Can Remember!

+ Preserved Dead Animals & Animal Parts I Found Laying Helplessly On The Ground; A Baby Bird, The Feet Of A Finch, An Adult Sparrow And Some Snake Shredded Skin!

+ A Monkey Statue I Found In An Old Abandoned Building.

+ A Wooden Monkey Figurine.

+ Gel Jewelry With Bugs Stuck Inside.

+ Homemade Broach I’ve Made Out Of My Mother’s Hair.

+ Two Large Owl Feathers Stuck In A Jar.

+ Barbie Heads Jammed Into A Jar.

+ Lion And A Spider Hand Puppets.

+ A Old Vintage Panda Marionette.

+ And So Much More That I Forgot Right Now! xD *I Shall Upload Pix Soon*

And Plus I’m Waiting On A Few Things From Some Buddies Of Mine! <3 Including A Clown Marionette. I Just LOVE Collecting Odd Things And CLOWNS! <3

(Source: hannabalxmarie)