I found some old shoes I used to wear religiously during my youth! The two posted here and the White/Black ones I posted recently with my “FUNNY LITTLE LADY” Outfit look! I can’t believe I never mentioned ‘em before! OH WELL! <3 I AM NAO!!! <3 
(Future Looks Shall Happen With These Indeedly!)

My Unusual Fashion Sense Which I Named: “I’m Yer Funny Little Lady”

Another outfit. Just felt like suspenders lately! XD
I had this pretty dress shirt that has this lovely hand embroidered design on the front which I wanted to wear…so I did just that! XD I then just threw on some black shorts, stockings, my skull bowtie and these black und white shoes and trotted on my way! XD (I also added my bag in one photo..because my bag is awesome!)

I didn’t have the hat when I woke up, to be quite honest. I was walking and spotted this very strange looking old man with a cane waltzing by, staring off in space in the middle of the road. I walked by him, to take a better gander at him and to also slow down traffic in case he got hit, and he seen me. He just stood there looking at me..smiled and looked down. I approached him, he was a bit nervous and I mentioned to him that I liked his hat. Ladies and gents, that gentleman offered me his hat after I made that comment. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do so I accepted. He smiled and walked back to his nursing home. I will forever cherish this old man’s hat! :) <3

Maléfique Clownette by Hannabal Marie!

Just another look I came up with a while back. I have this vintage clown shirt I got from a thrift shop a long time ago and I realized I never posted about it or did anything with it…so I just had to fix that! :D

(Inspiration? Well, my brain and nothing much else. I just wanted to make an all black/white clown…is all! XD)

I wanted to make it dramatic, thus the black and white filter was used (Also all my blacks and whites didn’t match well! hehe). The bottom photo is of the shirt in full glory! :)

-Hannabal Marie

Doing my usual weekly dump! (hehe)
Been keeping busy…since it’s getting colder now, I can FINALLY pile clothing over clothing without overheating myself! XD
I think I shall make this tradition to always dump weekly photos…if I have ‘em! XD
Work keeps me busy so it’s nothing unusual! XD
Anywho, here is another outfit for ya’ll.

I call it: DOMINO DOLLY! <3

I just added the shoes because well…I’ve forgotten I even had ‘em! XD <3 So why not?

Coney Island Baby
Makeup Concept by Hannabal Marie!

I was inspired by another Tom Waits Song, The lyrics go as follows:

"Every night she cames
To take me out to dreamland
When I’m with her, I’m the richest
Man in the town

She’s a rose, she’s the pearl
She’s the spin on my world
All the stars make their wishes on her eyes

She’s my Coney Island Baby
She’s my Coney Island Girl
She’s a princess, in a red dress
She’s the moon in the mist to me
She’s my Coney Island Baby
She’s my Coney Island Girl”

Basically I tried to stick within the lyrics and bring all he mentioned to life. 

Thanks for viewing and looking and all that jazz!
(More makeup HERE! )
-Hannabal Marie